Due to the current situation the event is moved to 2021.

The Waterhouse Gallery




Do you like what we do? If you are a business or a private person and would like to support the Waterhouse Gallery on an even deeper level you can do this as a main partner, partner and friend.

From 4.500€ - maximum of 2 main partners

  • Official host at the Pre-Opening
  • Product & industry exclusivity
  • Comprehensive usage rights
  • Individual on-site activation
  • Brand presence on social networks
  • Access to exclusive image & video content
  • Prominent Logo presence on all on- and offline promotional tools


From 2.500€ - maximum of 7 partners

  • Product exclusivity in the relevant brand environment
  • Logo presence in all offline advertisements
  • On-site activation by arrangement


From 500€ + contribution of any kind

  • Individual activation
  • Brand naming during the event on-site
  • Brand communication on networks



Annika Klingenberg

The Waterhouse Gallery

The Waterhouse Galley is a social art festival initiated by Viva con Agua Nederland. We create an open space to promote creative freedom and a more colourful world through the universal language of art. Let’s plunge into a sphere full of inspiration and fresh minds. In October 2020, our non-profit social art festival will open its doors to everyone, as we believe that art should be an inclusive endeavour. Come and join us for our Groningen edition of the Waterhouse Gallery in which we transform art into water for our development projects in South Africa. #waterforall

Viva Con Agua

Building VivaConAgua Sign
Viva con Agua (VcA) is a network of people and organizations, which is committed to a safe and humane access to clean water and basic sanitation for everyone. We want to raise awareness for the global topic of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (short WASH) with creative and fun projects and simultaneously collect donations for water projects.