About the Artist

chaos, desire, flow. bit of madness, bit of chance.

My collages live their own surreal reality. These cut and paste compositions are created in a
meditative improvisation. I really appreciate working with tangible materials, particularly in our increasingly digital age. I use printed books, magazines and as plant material in my work – this reflects my reuse/repurpose mindset.

//Everything is already there; arrange it mindfully and meaningfully//

The handcut collages made by Menumortu often deal with the relationships of self with self and with other. Other themes explored in his works are chaos, change and impermanence.
Menumortu is Groningen-based (originally from Republic of Moldova), and has a strong interest in environmental issues, psychology, meditation and music.


About the art work

25 x20cm (42 x 33cm framed)
70€ (without frame)
(including VAT, excluding shipping)

i could and should be better
mixed media with paint
170 € (including VAT, excluding shipping)

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