Camille Nizet

About the Artist

An artist that dabbles in a little of everything she can get her hands on but is currently focusing on graphic design. She’s based in Berlin, working to become an art director, and just trying to enjoy life’s highs and lows.


About the art work

Good Grief
Riso Print on paper
30€ (including VAT, excluding shipping)

It’s an illustration that was originally made for a T-shirt campaign to raise money for lung cancer awareness, but more than that it’s a personal representation of the process of grief. We know the 5 steps of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, but it’s only going through it ourselves that we realize that the process isn’t as linear as we expected. It’s almost circular: we can’t predict which direction we’ll go in day by day. Even though some days we feel submerged, there will be moments of fresh air and new perspective. So, some good can come out of grief.

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